Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why I started this blog - Part 1

I am a twenty five year old homemaker. I am seven months pregnant and my husband and my financial situation has much to be desired. We are faithful Catholics, who are quite conservative and I would like to see our faith and financial situation improved.

We attend weekly Mass, and when I have time/energy, I like to go to daily Mass. We tithe (much to our checkbook's dismay) and try to remember to pray at meal times and for loved ones. Before we were married, we spent about 15 minutes a day together praying for our family, friends, faith, freedoms and anything else that seemed pertinent. Now, we pray at meals and rarely remember to pray any other time. This is not okay.

We also have dropped off of our religious reading commitments. Between January and April, I had read 4 religious books (my husband had read at least 2). I haven't read any since, neither has he. My faith has not grown much since I moved to Colorado Springs to get married. I blame this mostly on personal laziness and exhaustion from being pregnant. But still, this is not okay.

So, first and foremost, my goal is to write about something spiritual every day (Monday through Friday), and focus mostly on Catholic theology, saints, and interesting books I read. I would like to engage in theological discussions with other believing Catholics and also with non-believers and protestants. My world, faith life and depth of knowledge can only expanded and I am excited for the prospect of learning more about Catholicism and debating it with others.

I hope you'll come along for the ride.

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